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A haven for high adventure
Chamonix sits in the French Alps at the foot of the French side of Mont Blanc and has been popular with British adventurers for years. In the last 15 years or so, it’s received an influx of new ‘extreme’ adventurers; the snowboarders, skiers and mountain bikers keen to try their skills on some ‘proper’ mountains. You can rise straight out of town on a cable car and be on the hills and slopes in minutes – and back home to civilisation just as quick.

Easy climbs aren’t plentiful in Chamonix, but you can elect to ride up the valley, following the river path upstream and enjoying the low level trails that follow it. The real challenges of the higher slopes, though, are going to involve at least an hour or two of climbing in the saddle – or a few euros on one of the many bike friendly cable cars that run throughout the summer.

Once you’ve swallowed your ‘all descents must be earned’ pride and taken your first cable car lift, you’ll become an instant convert. Ten minutes and a few euros will get you out of the valley and up onto the higher slopes. You can then join the fun-loving riders as they strap on the knee-pads and point their bikes toward the valley floor. Wheeling excitedly past the mountain top diners you’re soon onto a network of trails that line the valley. Some of which are fast and sweeping, some tight, tree lined and technical, but nearly always they’re gravity assisted and you’ll arrive back down on the valley floor pumped, tired and grinning, ready for more.

It’s not all downhill, frenzied fun though. If you stay further up the valley in LeTour, your day can involve a fun singletrack descent along the Petit Balcon Nord into town, some strong coffees and shopping, then a long, but steady climb back up the hill on trails or on the road (or cheat and get the train) and back home in time for dinner.

There’s something special about a clear day in the mountains; the stillness and the feeling of space (and height) and knowing that it’s all downhill to dinner and a beer. Ride (or ride the lifts) long enough and you can descend into Switzerland, or go the whole hog and get over to Italy too. Above the tree line (and much of it is...) the trails are twisty and windy for no apparent reason, based on centuries old cow trails, worn now into a permanent groove.

There are rocks to catch you out and hairpins to test your slow speed balance. The Jeep tracks are fast and loose, with the odd waterbar thrown in, and once you get nearer the valley floor the trails tame down a little and widen due to the numbers of walkers and riders who use them. If you go out of the summer season, you’ll have a much greater range of trails to ride as the walking trails become de-restricted and you can ride on them too. This is what you want your guides to show you.

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